The Market
We define our products as manufacturing and recycling of wooden shipping pallets. We compete directly with local pallet companies. EPS is the oldest operating pallet company in Franklin and Lincoln Counties. We have a competitive advantage because of our long term operation, superior and quality services, and loyalty to all customers.
The Company
We have approximately 864 square feet of office space and 15,208 square feet of  factory and warehouse space. Our current facility will require 1,500 square feet of additional space to expand the wood waste management recycling system that is anticipated to be available in the near future.
Strategic Alliances
We have a strategic relationship with a number of suppliers, In exchange for a blanket commitment to purchase all wooden shipping pallets and our  contracts are on an annual basis to be reevaluated every year.
We arrive at our pricing based on cost, margin objectives, market prices, and perceived value. We review the pricing on a periodic basis to ensure that potential profits are not squandered.
Quality Assurance
We strive to satisfy the customers' needs. We will work together to ensure the quality of service is superior.
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